Sunday 10 August 2008


Just a quick note to let you know that I've added Poppy and a few other new pieces to the website. One of the pieces is this one, Papillion, that I actually finished a couple of weeks ago - I must must get quicker at taking photos and uploading them to the website but it takes longer than you'd think to do it and I much prefer creating new jewellery. am I going to sell if I don't upload my new pieces? I know I do quite a few craft shows, but not everyone lives down here on the south coast!

Anyway, I'm really pleased with Papillion. It was one of the rare pieces that I had sketched out and made exactly as I'd sketched it. More often than not, the pieces I make insist that I adapt my designs as I'm working - yes, silver and beads do talk to you as you work with them! Didn't you know?! I cut both layers of the butterfly from sterling silver sheet, hammered the bottom layer to give a line texture, soldered the layers together and finally oxidised the pieces to highlight the texture. You'll find Poppy here and Papillion here. Poppy is obviously unique due to the beautiful bead, and Papillion is part of my Limited Edition collection.

By the way, I've made a few changes to the website menus as it was all getting a bit cluttered. I haven't removed any information, but some links have been moved from the menu on the left to the bottom of the page, and some pages (the jewellery party ones and the jewellery information ones i.e. the ones about the materials I use) have been made into one page. I think the website looks a lot neater and easier to find your way around - I hope you'll agree!


  1. I really do like Papillion Jo!

    Know what you mean about doing the whole photography, write up, upload thing - it's just such a chore when you'd rather be creating isn't it :D

  2. Thanks Kerrie!
    The admin just has to be done though, doesn't it? Although I'd much rather be creating I do hate it when the paperwork piles up!

  3. hi jo, thanks for commenting on my blog. your jewellery is lovely. love that chain mail purse too, i'd be interested to see how it cleans up!

  4. Hi Francesca! The purse is going to be an interesting project I think! We're hopefully going to do some work on it tomorrow.

  5. Wow Jo your jewellery just gets better and better. I love looking to see what you have made next.

  6. Thanks Hellie! Hopefully you'll see some in real life in November!
    Jo x

  7. this is jess from vitrospective here..

    I love your work! the butterfly is just gorgeous

    You must get it into boutiques!

    I just want to let you know as well that I've started a new blog about cats and pets. I'm not sure if your a cat person..but its at




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