Monday 29 December 2008

In limbo

Merry Christmas! Yes, I know that I'm a few days overdue, but I didn't get a chance to post on the big day as we were too busy playing with B's new toys! We had a lovely time up with T's mum and B had a great time playing with his uncles and aunts and cousins. I hope you all had a lovely time too.

I always feel a bit in limbo at this time of year, as if I'm waiting for normality to return, for everything to start again, and from reading other blogs and talking to friends I know that I'm definitely not the only one. I'm trying to make myself slow down a bit and enjoy this time with B before he starts back with preschool/childminder and I start back at work properly (I say properly as I did take a couple of projects up to T's mum's!) next week, but at this time of year, after a couple of days off, I always get itchy fingers, wanting to get on with some new projects! I've got lots of plans for the next year, including plans to look after myself a little better so that I have a bit more 'off duty' time than I've had over the last few years. It is wonderful being a mum and having a business that I enjoy so much and can fit around my family (well, fit around them most of the time anyway!) but the downside, as every other work-at-home mum knows, is that it's so easy to spend every waking moment, plus many moments that you shouldn't really be awake, working. I've been reminded lately though that in order to do both of my jobs to the best of my ability I need some down time every now and then. Not exactly earth shattering news, but something that I need reminding of every now and then!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I'm the same, I just want things to get going again. Whenever I have some time off, I'm always thinking ahead of what I need to do and just want to get on with things. I don't think I was fitted with an 'off' switch.


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