Monday 22 December 2008

The sweetest sound

Is B softly singing to himself as he's falling asleep - Twinkle twinkle little star has never sounded so lovely! I've just been standing at the bottom of the stairs listening to him.

I've taken him to music and dance sessions for about 18 months now, but it's only been since starting preschool that he's really started enjoying it a lot more and started singing to himself. Another favourite is Old MacDonald - did you know that he's got a robot and a fire engine on his farm?!


  1. Can't think of anything better to have on a farm! We too have just started to having singing at night - little man in 3 in March. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year Vx

  2. It's lovely. isn't it?
    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year too.


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