Thursday 18 December 2008

Welcome to the mad house!

B's birthday party yesterday was a fun, mad, crazy, hectic couple of hours. We had 12 children (plus parents), mainly 3 year olds, playing pass the parcels, musical statues, treasure hunt, eating the usual unhealthy party food and generally running round in a state of excitment! T had bought some glow sticks to put in the party bags and we decided to get them out after having birthday cake. That was definitely a good idea as dancing around with the lights off waving glow sticks round helped to calm everyone down!

Half the children there, including B, also had the preschool Christmas party in the morning, which was the perfect opportunity for me to decorate his birthday cake and generally run round like crazy cleaning and tidying. The cake got lots of compliments - but then I had to confess that it was a train cake mould from Lakeland that I'd borrowed from a friend! Lots of fun to decorate, just a shame that there are sweets left over from the decoration :P

Today has been a lot calmer as B has been at his childminder and, apart from packaging up and posting the last Christmas orders, I gave myself a very rare day off - and it has been lovely and relaxing - well, apart from the best part of an hour that I spent in the post office queue that is. I'm actually feeling a lot more relaxed that I have for at least a couple of months. B's party is done, I've only got one more Christmas present to buy and two more to make, if you don't count the ones that I will be helping B to make, the neighbours' cards to deliver and a few presents to wrap. I spent most of today writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents in front of the television, and I'm feeling very organised at the moment. Of course, that will change next week when I start packing to go up to T's mum's for Christmas itself!

Right, more episodes of CSI and a bag of malteasers are calling my name, so I'm off!


  1. Crikey Jo - hope you had a LARGE glass of wine after all that. Have just had my daughter's birthday (1 birthday lunch, 2 birthday teas and 1 birthday outing to theatre with 6 children) so I too am feeling relieved it is all over....Wishing you a lovely relaxing Xmas.

  2. 12 children! I bet it was really crazy fun!! The cake looks wonderful! For me December has been the busiest month in 2008. I am hoping January would be quieter. I have never watched CSI... people say it's really good so I should watch it. Currently i am watching Mad Men. ;D I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Heavens Vicky! At least I only had one event to organize for B!
    Happy Christmas to both of you too.


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