Tuesday 2 February 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Pom Pom Hearts

I've just found the perfect project to do with B after school tomorrow, and as the jewellery tutorial I was going to post today still needs a little bit more tweeking I thought I'd share it with you. B has been playing with my stash of yarn (no, not the hand dyed skeins, don't worry!) and I promised him that I'd teach him how to make pom-poms, so considering Valentine's is just over a week away I thought this would be perfect.

If you click on the picture you will find the instructions on the zakka life blog which is full of lovely crafty ideas, including more Valentine's ideas. I'll come back and post our heart pom-poms tomorrow!


  1. Love the purple heart - it is so cute. Good tutorial, thanks for sharing.

  2. oooo, these look yummy to make, am popping over now to get the info. Thanks ;o)

    Blog candy on my blog......


    hello gorgeous xxx


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