Tuesday 9 February 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - wiggledot bead

Isn't this bead perfectly named? This is, of course, a Laura Sparling bead - you can tell because everything is perfectly in it's place and it's just plain gorgeous!

This is the bead that Laura has written her latest tutorial on, and you can find it here, together with her other lampwork tutorials on her blog. Every time I see one of Laura's tutorials I can't help but think that it would be really fun to try my hand at lampworking, but I need to free up some more time (somehow! anyone invented that cloning machine yet?!) first as I just know that I'd have to keep on at it until I could make decent beads. You see, I know what lampwork beads should look like, afterall, I've designed jewellery with beads by Laura, Mindy Macgregor and Isabelle Anderson, so there's no way I'd be satisfied with any old beads!

Beads and Beyond have a lampwork treat this month. Laura's blog is the first "Blog of the Month" on the Spotlight review page, and Mindy has written a tutorial on her delicate glowing Japanese Bloom beads. Oh, and as well as the Spotlight (which I've just taken over the writing of - I get sent books and beads and kits to review, great fun!!) I've got a project in there too. It's a shorter, 2 page project this time, and unusually for me there's no soldering or hammering! Have a look out for the Wired Wings butterfly pendants on page 28 - again, I forgot to take a photo before I sent the pendants off!

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  1. I'm so tickled she shared that because I found her encasing tutorials, too!


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