Monday 1 February 2010

Happy February!

Well, apparently I've not been alone in the January blues! Thank you for the comments on Saturday's post - and if you haven't already paid Mel's blog a visit go and have a read of her blessings too. I think this is officially the first time that I've written a blog post that has inspired someone else to write one too. My funk more or less disappeared after writing my 'blessings' post, so if you're having the blues it's worth writing your blessing down too!

Something else that has helped get me out of my funk has been finishing a couple of projects, both knitted and jewellery. The jewellery ones need photographing properly, but the knitting ones I can show you now......

This is the November sweater that I showed you the start of here. I'm really pleased with it - fun to knit, very little sewing up to do, very comfy! Nicky took the photo for me while we were out having pudding and a drink this evening - thank you Nicky, having a evening out with you chased away the last of the funk! The colour is actually much bluer than you can see here - pub lighting is not the best for photos, no matter how much I play with the white balance on the camera!

And this is a cuddly top that I've knitted for my baby niece, Chloe. It's made using a chunky yarn (that I already had in my stash - bonus!) so it was quick to knit up. The original pattern used either buttons or ribbon at the sides, but I liked the idea of 4-ply cotton french knitted into a ribbon as a contrast to the texture of the brown yarn. If you like the pattern follow this link to Ravelry and look in my finished projects and you'll find the pattern there - my name on there is daisyjewellery. And if you knit or crochet and haven't joined Ravelry yet, why on earth not?!

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