Saturday 27 June 2009

Could someone please explain

where the last couple of weeks have gone!? I have meant to blog, honest, but although I've planned fascinating blog posts whilst I've been filing and sanding by the time I've actually been able to sit down and write them my mind has gone blank! Can I blame it on the heat, please?

We've been very busy here over the last fortnight or so. B and I have been out and about alot enjoying the sunshine, and T & B have been tenderly looking after the carrots, tomatoes and peppers they planted a couple of months ago - although in B's case, TLC for plants includes giving them a bath if you're not careful. Having thriving vegetable growth is a big deal for us as I'm very much a "if I had more time I could...." gardener with lots of plans and little time for them, and T, well, let's just say that he and his brother, encouraged by their dad (oh, yes I do remember Mr M - I know that you read this sometimes, and you definitely encouraged them!) once decided to cut our grass with a hedge trimmer and a strimmer. The grass never recovered and all the sweet peas I'd planted to grow up the apple tree mysteriously disappeared. So, as I say the fact that the seeds a) got planted and b) have actually been allowed to grow is pretty impressive!

I've been busy with not on the high street orders, and this week now that my website is finally up and running again I've been busy with orders through that too. I decided to take advantage of my old hosting company going belly-up and start the website from scratch. Uploading the backup would have been a lot quicker, I know, but I had been meaning to make some changes for a while and I knew that if I didn't do them now I'd find something else to distract me for another couple of months. The general information on the website is still the same, but I've clarified some of the info on made-to-order items and hopefully made it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. At the moment I've only uploaded the made-to-order items as I'm retaking the photos of the unique pieces still in stock, but more will be uploaded very soon. Whilst redesigning the website I also designed a new logo and banner - what do you think?

I've also got some new designs, created using silver and 24k gold (yes, gold!), to show you very soon. They use a ancient Korean technique called Keum Boo that I've been teaching my City and Guilds college class, and I've enjoyed it so much that I've got pages of designs sketched out to work my way through. You'll have to wait until the start of next week for those pictures though, as tea has been bubbling away as I've been typing and it's ready now! It's going to be a relaxing evening of knitted whilst watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD. Popcorn, anyone?


  1. had a look at the website the other day, my site is also having a revamp, glad to hear you are busy jo, i have just ordered some silversmith tools etc from cookson so should be here on monday can't wait, if i get stuck hope you don't mind if i e-mail you about sheet metal sizes ect, thanks again jo hope all is well, eve

  2. Ooh! New toys erm tools! Hope they arrive soon Eve and that you have lots of fun with them. Definitely email me! I'd love to see what you make. Jx

  3. Of course you can blame it on the heat :-) I blame everything on the heat!

    Your site looks great Jo! I need to update my stock on my website but have been so busy updating my Etsy shop.It's almost a full time job. I spent hours the other day taking photos of earrings and they looked good on the small screen, but looked rubbish when I downloaded them. Soooo frustrating!

  4. well I seem to have same problem with a time... but your little garden looks better than mine :)

    Winchester fair soon so it will be nice to meet you there



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