Monday 8 June 2009

Making progress

Just a quick post to show you that I am making progress with my knitting, despite having to undo nearly 8cm the other evening. I was not a happy bunny when I followed the instructions for the right hand side, completed the decreasing and the main part of the pattern and then read the next part about the button holes only to realise that maybe that part should have been printed a bit earlier. Oh well! B insisted that he had to be in the photo, and the funny face is because he was saying "cheeeeeese"!

I've been a bit naughty and ordered yarn for the next two projects I've got planned, the ones I talked about here. Don't worry, I've been busy making jewellery and sorting out the website too - the new look website will revealed very very soon.

And finally, just to prove that B isn't always a little angel, here's what you get when you add a three year old, muddy shoes from playing in the garden and a cream carpet! At least it hoovered out, and to do him justice he did try to help me with his toy hoover!

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  1. Oh no! 8cm!! I can totally sympathise how you felt. I must say it looks lovely though :D
    Admittedly I have started a new project before I finish my current thing.
    So glad that the muddy marks were hoovered out (phew!!)


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