Tuesday 30 June 2009

A new addition to this crazy family

B has just got a new friend. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, apart from the fact that this new friend hasn't got a name yet (just "My New Friend") and no-one else can see him! I did wonder if B would have an imaginary friend. I don't remember having one myself, but B does have a lot of imaginary conversations with his toys, complete with different voices for each character. What is different about this friend is that he's a little bit naughty. B keeps calling me into the garden to tell My New Friend off for pushing B down the slide or not letting him go inside his tent. I've even had to put MNF on the naughty step this morning! B went and sat down on the step too and started talking to him:

"Now, do you know why you're sitting here? You mustn't push me, you've been very naughty."
"Sorry B"
"Do you promise not to do it again?"
"Yes, sorry"
"Mummy, he can get off the naughty step now cos he said sorry"

Bless! At least it's not me he's putting on the naughty step for not letting him have two ice creams!


  1. That's funny! I don't think either of mine will have imaginary friends, they're very literal kids! I remember when we first got a play kitchen and asked J to make me some breakfast... he looked at me like I had two heads and said 'Mummy, it's just pretend...'

  2. I love imaginary friends... my son had 'the guys'.
    "Mummy don't shut the car door yet, the guys aren't in."
    "How many guys are there?"

    Now he himself is 17 and I miss 'the guys'.

  3. CC - LOL! How on earth did you fit them all in the car?!

    KC - B does that too - the tilted head, the slight shake of the head that says "don't you know it's only pretend Mummy?"!


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