Tuesday 1 June 2010

The Bead Soup ingredients are here!

Well, they've actually been here a few days, but (apologies to Malin) I've been in a bit of a strange mood, a funk my friend Nicky would call it, over the last week or so. No particular reason for it, I guess it's just because I'm tired. It's been a busy year, what with teaching two evenings a week, lots of private tuition during the day, lots of orders and magazine writing. Oh, and looking after my boys and generally running the household. My evening classes finished for the year a few weeks ago, and I think my brain has just told me that now that they're done I need a break! So, no work was done this weekend. We had a true Bank Holiday weekend with friends over for lunch, afternoons playing with trains and lego (of course), trips to the park, gardening and treating ourselves to lunch out. I didn't even open the workshed doors or log onto the internet once over the whole three days, which is very unusual for me! I think it's done me good though.

Anyway, the Soup ingredients! I deliberately didn't visit Malin's blog before her parcel arrived as I knew she'd posted some pictures of the pretties she was sending me. I couldn't help laughing when I opened the different packets up, as despite the fact that we'd agreed to make everything a surprise and not discussing colours or anything like that we'd made up parcels of virtually the same colours!

She's sent me a beautiful pendant by Tracee Dock of Classic Bead, a designer I hadn't come across before. The amongst the "supporting" beads are Job's Tears, raw Baltic amber, wooden tubes and brass rings. A beautiful mix of colours and textures!

And this is what I sent Malin.......

I sent her a ceramic pendant too! It's by Lisa Stevens of  seaurchin as it was clear from Malin's blog that she loves Lisa's work. There's also hammered copper rings and a matching toggle clasp (I made those), some vintage buttons and some glass beads to add a bit more colour.

We've got a couple of weeks to come up with some designs. I think I fancy a long summery necklace, but I expect I'll change my mind a few times before the day of the party!


  1. It's funny - my blog soup partner and I exchanged beads in the same color family too. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.

  2. Oh how awesome! I can't wait to see what you make with all that!

  3. lol.....Why am I just now seeing this!!!! I'm still making beads! www.classicbead.etsy.com That is a piece from a long time ago!!


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