Sunday 27 June 2010

Bead Soup Reveal - at last!

It is a relief to be able to finally post my bead soup piece! I actually finished it on Thursday and I really should have written a post about it then and scheduled it to be published on Saturday, as today is the first day since Thursday that I have had reliable internet access. I tried posting this pictures six times on Saturday before giving up - it was that or throw the laptop through the window! All the usual technical fixes (e.g. turning the router off, leaving it for ten minutes and then turning it back on again) failed to work - until I threatened it with a large hammer this afternoon. Is it pure coincidence that it started working again less than an hour later? I don't think so!!

Anyway, a quick reminder - this is what Malin sent me as the ingredients for my bead soup. I have to admit to being a bit stumped when they arrived as, well, yellow is not exactly my favourite colour, or one that I find at all easy to use. But then again, this was supposed to be a challenge! My eyes kept being drawn to the light bluey-grey around the centre of the ceramic pendant, and reminded me off some beautiful aquamarine beads that I'd bought in Barcelona a few years ago. I'd liked the variation in colour in them so much that I'd bought 4 strands of beads, each of a different shape! I decided to make a necklace with the pendant at the centre, and also decided that, as an added challenge, I'd make is assymetrical - something I find hard to do! Add some of my hand-made chain, some oval hammered links and cocoa brown firepolished glass beads and this is what my soup looks like!

The bail on the pendant had me puzzled for a little while as I knew I wanted it to be more that a wrapped loop but I couldn't solder anywhere near the ceramic. I've threaded a couple of the glass beads onto the wire before finishing off the wrapped loop. I haven't used the clasp that Malin sent me yet as I preferred the look of silver with this necklace and my skin has decided to react badly to anything metal that isn't silver or gold in this heat - I can't wear my watch either! I made a toggle to match the hammered oval links and it can fit through any one of the last few links in the chain so that the length of the necklace can be altered slightly. The other beads that Malin sent are half-made into a beach-inspired lariat. I haven't had time to finish it yet, but I'll show you pictures when it's done!

Anyway - I hope that you like it, especially you Malin!

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and those from Thursday and Friday (the other days I missed!) were:
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Thank you to Lori for all your hard work organising the party! It's been lots of fun, and fantastic to see all the wonderful designs eeryone has created. 
I'm off the visit the blogs I haven't looked at yet! 


  1. Dear Joanne, how I have been longing to see this. Just a coincidence I went to my blog just 7 minutes after you had posted.

    The necklace is wonderful! Super-duper nice! I know what you mean about the grey. That cought my attention also. I think the aquamarines and the silver coloured metal (probably is real silver) works very well. Nicely chosen. And it is nicely assymetrical in a yet balanced way. Again - very very beautiful necklace!

    I hope you eventually also will find use of the other beads I sent you. When you do I would be happy to see it. The Baltic Sea Amber I still have a few pieces left of myself, that I will use in some way. I love those rustique "stones".

    Yellow - I agree on that, but it could complement other colours, enhance them so to speak.

    I am still working on the bracelet with the vintage (yellowy!) buttons I got from you. Or rather, I have changed it a few times. So soon it will be finished.

    Bye for now,

  2. I just love what you did with it! It's a wonderful combination.

  3. I LOVE it! So romantic and spring-like! You did a wonderful job.

  4. Your necklace is so stunning! It is bold, fresh and delicate at the same time. I adore it!

  5. Great colors! The greys make the yellow pendant pop!

  6. This is a such a beautiful delicate piece I'm glad your PC behaved long enough for you to post it for us to see it. The focal is a stunner and like you I am yet to create anything with my yellow beads or focals as the main items.

    Your bail for the focal is very inspiring.

  7. Very nice. Glad you were finally able to post. There are several people I missed. I like the way you picked up that blue gray color on the pendant with beads that color. The double asymmetrical design is very nice. Looks great!

  8. Its just such a lovely pc youve made!
    Very sweet and quite fashionable!!Yes
    I esp loving these greys.

  9. I think it is lovely that you picked out the blues in the pendant to complete the necklace. Aquamarine is perfect. Very delicate and beautiful. Nice work.

  10. I love the focal and what you did with it.

  11. Ah, so glad you managed to get this up :) lovely design. I like the chain mixed in with the aquamarine. And I'm really liking all this asymmetric stuff going on too!

  12. This is so soft and pretty. I love the pendant.

  13. Glad you were able to share eventually! Computers eh,...they are great but when they go wrong, not so much! I'm NOT a computer whizz personally. Your necklace is lovely, I love the cool beads you have used here, very soothing.

  14. Delightful!! I love how everything works together!

  15. Beautiful use of colors with the focal. Perfect choice.

  16. Very nice creation. The chain complements the pendant so well. I would love to wear this.

  17. Just love your necklace... it is something I'd love to wear all summer long. You assymetrical design flows just seamlessly and is really beautiful!


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