Monday 13 September 2010

All grown up!

How does his hair grow so fast?! Time for another haircut!
It's a day of mixed feelings today, as any mother will understand. Part of me is so sad at the thought of my boy growing up so quickly, part is excited about the new experiences he is going to have, and part (the part that's feeling guilty!) is excited for me at the thought of the extra jewellery making time - and, you never know, the time to put my feet up for an hour or so each week!

Yes, today is B's first day at Big School - he's there just in the mornings for the first couple of weeks, and then full time from then on. We walked down there this morning - or rather, I walked, he skipped! - actually got to the playground early, and then when the doors opened he merrily went in to be greeted by his new teacher. They are really well organised and welcoming at his new school, and he's already used to the building as his old pre-school is only next door and they share some of the same facilities. Once B saw the toys and a couple of his friends he gave me a quick kiss and he was off! I've been very good - I didn't cry once despite going down there with plenty of tissues, just in case! In fact the morning has been a whirl of cleaning the kitchen, writing emails, magazine work and packing up new orders - and now it's time to go down and collect him!

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