Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - T-shirt yarn

I've been sorting out my old clothes over the last couple of days - not that I've got so many old clothes that it takes a couple of days to do the job, more that I hate doing it so I've been doing it a little bit at a time! Clothes that I'll wear again at some point in the Spring are going up into the loft, some are now waiting to go to the charity shop, but I've got some t-shirts that I'll never wear again that I'm planning to recycle into yarn. I know, I know, I've probably  definitely got enough yarn to see me through to this time next year, but t-shirt yarn is something I came across a few months ago, and it looks like fun!

The photo above is from a tutorial on Craft Passion, a site full of tutorials on all kinds of crafts, and you can find the tutorial here if you fancy making some t-shirt yarn of your own. I'm hoping to have a go at it later in the week while B's at school - I'll let you see the results!


  1. Wow - ingenious! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do (and to trying it myself once I've got the studio painted). Thanks for the link!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog - you are welcome to link! :)


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