Monday 27 September 2010

Fairisle Spinners

There are only two of these necklaces left now! Thank you for the new "likes"!

I've just finished editing all the photos for these fun new necklaces and adding them to the website. I made six necklaces with Mindy's beautiful colourful beads, but only five are going on the website - sorry! I wanted one too!

Each bead is different, with a slightly different pattern, but all are such a beautiful mix of colours, and Mindy's control over the glass is amazing. I more or less decided on the design I wanted to use them in while they were still on their way to me - rings formed from sterling silver sheet with two holes drilled through, through which the beads are suspended on silver wire. The wire is then wrapped onto a silver chain - this bit was a slight change to the original design as I had thought I'd hang the rings and beads from a chain, but I changed my mind at the last minute to make them into necklaces instead. I just prefer the way they hang this way!

You may have noticed that I've put a Facebook link on the left. Friends had been nagging me to set up a page on Facebook for ages - so I did during the summer! However, I haven't really done anything to promote it, so I thought it was about time that I did! So......if you would like one of the necklaces above with a rather nice discount  then "like" my Daisychain Designs page, let me know that you've done so when you check out on the website and I'll refund you £5! Of course, if you have already clicked "like" then just remind me of this and you'll get a refund too. The offer only applies to these five necklaces, although I'll have more Facebook offers later!

Oh, and the name for the design? Mindy named her beads Fairisle as the patterns reminded her of Fairisle jumpers, and they spin on the wire inside the rings - so Fairisle Spinners!

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