Sunday 4 September 2011


I love commissions. I do get more nervous about them than I do about regular orders, as of course they are made to a client's exact requirements and are quite often made for a special occasion. I am always so flattered when clients ask me to make something special to mark a wedding or anniversary or birth especially!

I've had a couple of really lovely commissions recently, both for the same client. Vici had apparently wanted to get me to make something special for a her for a while, so when her husband asked her what she'd like for her birthday she knew what to ask for! She had seen the Dainty and the Russian Circles pendants on my website, and asked if I could find a larger pietersite stone than the Russian Circles pendant used and combine it with a silver daisy. After emails with pictures of different stones for her to choose from and phone calls back and forth to confirm exactly what she wanted, this is what we came up with....

And she also asked me to make her a Baby Daisy cuff with lapis lazuli cabochons sent in the middle daisies

The commissions took longer than commissions usually do, mainly because we wanted to wait until the Queen's Diamond Jubilee hallmark was available. It seemed a shame to commission pieces like this and not wait a few weeks to be able to get such a unique mark, especially as the mark is only available from July this year until October 2012. Vici collected her new jewellery on Thursday evening - and she loved them!


  1. Those are beautiful Jo, I am sure the person that commission the pieces will be delighted.

  2. WOW they are lovely Jo. The daisy cuff is something special.


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