Tuesday 27 September 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Flowers bracelet

copyright Sabine Lippert
One of my favourite jobs for Beads and Beyond is searching out beautiful blogs to review for the monthly spotlight pages. I try to find blogs with inspirational photos, and if there are tutorials or the blogger also teaches then so much the better, but my aim is to find blogs that will inspire the readers. I also make sure that I write about blogs with a mix of jewellery, not just silver and wirework! The blog I reviewed in the September issue was Sabine Lippert's Try to be better - her beadwork is absolutely beautiful. Her blog is full of pictures of her work in progress, and her website is full of amazing tutorials, some of them free like the flowers bracelet pictured above. So, as I'm spending my work time today preparing for tonight's evening classes, Tutorial Tuesday this week is on Sabine's beautiful work. You can find the flowers bracelet here - scroll down the page a bit and you'll see it there. Have fun!

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