Thursday, 29 September 2011

I've been featured!

I've been following Rebecca Anderson's Introducing.... series of blog posts, and loving finding out more about some of my favourite jewellery designers and meeting some new (to me) people too. I felt really honoured when Rebecca asked me to take part, and her post this week is on me! Answering her questions was a lot of fun, and made me think more about why I do what I do, and how much I enjoy it. Doing the interview also made me finally take an up to date photo for my profile avatar and to send into Beads and Beyond. The one they've been printing in there was taken when I was pregnant with Ben almost exactly six years ago!

Thank you Rebecca! You can find the interview here!

And thank you for the comments on my poppy necklace dilemma below - I'm going to go with the two strand option. That was the consenus at the school gate this morning too! I'll get it finished today and post some final pictures.

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  1. Thanks Jo! I loved reading your answers. I guess I am just naturally nosy....!


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