Friday 14 October 2011

Backwards Shuffling Baby

I have so much to show you - beautiful jewellery from yesterday's tuition, new clasp ideas, new jewellery from me - but it'll have to wait until tomorrow now as after a busy week of general family things, teaching college, private tuition yesterday and making quite a few lovely orders I am giving myself a night off! I think I may have a bit of an early night too as I need to catch up on some sleep. It was my monthly appointment at the hospital on Tuesday - a general checkup, keeping an eye on how everything is healing and I guess keeping an eye on how I'm getting on mentally too as everything happened in such a whirl, so fast. Everything was fine at the appointment, but I can't seem to stop myself worrying at night for a few days before each appointment - a natural reaction to it all apparently! I will be going back into hospital for a day operation at the start of November so that they can loosen a very tight scar under my chin, but that's all. So, tonight T has gone out with a couple of friends from work so I've got the remote control to myself and I've ordered Chinese and I'm going to watch Love Actually. I think I may be watching it curled up under the blanket as although today was beautifully sunny it's gone quite cold now.

Anyway, the post title......

Jamie is trying his best to learn how to crawl and I'm torn between cheering him on and groaning a little bit because as soon as he's on the move that boy is going to be into absolutely everything and I'm going to have to completely rearrange the house to keep things out of his reach until he's a bit older! At the moment his progress consists of pushing himself up fully on his arms and pushing himself backwards, which seems to surprise him. He keeps backing himself into a corner and getting stuck as he can't go forward yet. This is causing a few problems at bedtime as we put him down on his back in his sleeping bag, he then turns on his front and starts shuffling backwards, gets stuck at the bottom of the cot and cries angrily! So back into his room we go, put him back up the top of the cot, he puts his fingers in his mouth (he favours two fingers rather than his thumb, just like his Mummy did :) ) and off to sleep he goes. He's also started to kneel up and rock back and forth, so I don't think it'll be long now before he's on the move. He's going to enjoy it so much - so much more to explore, pull apart and chew! The photo above, by the way, was taken after his afternoon nap on day in July, but I can't seem to capture his backwards shuffling on camera and I had to share this cute one with you anyway.

Oh, and remember me moaning about the dodgy internet connection this week? Things were a bit better Wednesday and yesterday, but again today it worked perfectly just before the school run when I checked on something for Ben's homework but as soon as I came home again it stopped. I had a prefect connection to our wireless network, but no internet, almost as if someone had flicked a switch - which is more or less what they had done! Upgrades in the area meant that they kept turning the internet on and off again according to the man I spoke to at Virgin Media. At least I know now that I wasn't going crazy, and today was the last day. Isn't it awful how dependent we've become on the internet?!


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