Tuesday 4 October 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - how to make a jewellery leather cushion

I love this simple tutorial for a leather cushion! No, it's not for a cushion to go on your sofa - it's for your jewellery workbench! Jenni wrote it as she wanted to use upgrade from a folded towel for cushioning her bench block when she was hammering. I've bought a leather cushion years ago when I first started out, and not only are they horribly expensive but as they are heavy the postage is usually expensive too. So, save yourself some money, grab some offcuts of leather from a friendly upholsterer and head over to Jenni's blog!

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  1. Thank you, Jo for your write up about my jewelry pillow.I have been hammering away on it yesterday and it is definitely better than a towel...muffles the sound more and has more 'oomph'.


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