Wednesday 5 October 2011


I'm lucky at the moment as I can usually get out to the shed or do some admin for about an hour while Jamie naps. The rest of his nap time gets used for housework (exciting!). I'm not quite sure how much time I'll get out there when he drops down to one nap a day - we'll have to wait and see!

Anyway, my hour today was spent finishing off some orders from the weekend, and this was the state of my desk this evening! Sorry about the awful pictures but the days of lovely, perfect for photos sunshine streaming in through the windows in the evening have disappeared until next year!

Fancy a few close ups?

From top left to bottom right the pictures are:
  1. Some wooden pendants waiting for their silver daisies to be riveted in place, to make more Simply Wood pendants, this time in a couple more shapes too.
  2. A stone setting for a beautiful rutilated quartz teardrop I bought from my friend Brenda
  3. Possible beads for this month's Art Bead Scene challenge
  4. A variation of the necklace I made for the Bead Soup Party, this time using a beautiful cab from seaurchin
  5. Stud earrings ready to be posted out to their new owners tomorrow morning
  6. Moogin beads ready to be made into pendants starting tomorrow
  7. Oh look! More Moogin beads - fancy that!
  8. Lampwork discs from Outwest, again ready to be made into pendants.
Hopefully I'll be able to show you at least a couple of these finished tomorrow while Jamie is at the childminders!

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  1. I am *so*jealous* of your Moogins! The lh side set is particularly stunning. I will look forward to seeing what comes of them! Actually, despite meant to be being on a bead fast, I accidentally ordered two sets from her sale yesterday.....oops.


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