Wednesday 2 November 2011

Challenge accepted!

No BTW post from me today. I've spent most of the day at college, firstly at a small craft fair that one of the ladies from HR (who's also one of my beginner students) organised, and then up in the adult ed office sorting a few things out for my classes and generally catching up with the ladies up there. The craft fair was a small one, 9 stalls with lovely goodies made by college staff, but we had a good trickle of people coming in during their breaks and lots of lovely comments. Beverley had the idea of organising it so that the staff who have creative hobbies could show what they do and raise some money for the college charities at the same time. She was really nervous about it, but all her hard work paid off and it was great. I was particularly pleased (and proud!) that one of my old advanced evening class students who works at the college had a stall with beautiful and beautifully made jewellery and made lots of sales - one very proud teacher here :)

Thank you to the five of you who have accepted my oak leaf challenge! I will be in touch with you tomorrow to get addresses and to give you a bit more information!


  1. I was so annoyed to miss out on the oak leaf challenge. Ho hum I might just have to buy one!

  2. Next time Fiona - I'm hoping to do another one in the New Year which apparently isn't too far away - 51 days until Christmas according to Radio 2 this morning!!
    I'm finishing off the silver oak leaves this afternoon, so they should all be on etsy this evening.


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