Wednesday 30 November 2011

Oak Leaves revealed!

30th November seemed quite a way away when I set this challenge, but it's actually come round very quickly! At the beginning of the month I offered one of my oxidised copper oak leaf hook clasps to the first 5 people who accepted the challenge of making something with it and posting the results on their blog today. The five willing volunteers were

Melissa Meman                Art, Life, Love
Niky Sayers         SilverNikNats
Amber Boorman              Larksong Studio
Kimberley Roberts          Bahama Dawn
Rebecca Anderson          Songbeads

We've all got very different styles of jewellery design, so I've been really looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with! And a little nervous too, to be honest, as this is the first time that I've set up a blog hop myself! The biggest challenge for me has been working with copper as, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, I'm a silver girl by nature. I kept trying out the clasp with different beads, but it wasn't until last night that it all came together! I did worry for a bit that I wasn't going to meet my own deadline as Jamie and I have both had a 24 hour tummy bug, but here it is, a combination of clasp and jump rings by me, lampwork by Mindy Macgregor (of course!), silk by Marsha Neal, Swarovski crystals and copper beads. I would have preferred to have used a blue silk, but I've run out so I may swap to that when my new silks arrive! I did consider adding more blue or purple beads to the mix as I love the combination of browns and blues/purples at the moment, but in the end I decided to keep to an autumnal theme to match the oak leaf.

I'm off to see what the others have made - join me?


  1. Really beautiful, I love that bead and it goes so nicly with the blue.

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous, of course! I think it works well with the silk you've chosen but I agree, it would also look lovely with blue silk. I have a confession about my clasp (I'm just loading the photos into blogger now, I have also struggled to be at home when the light is suitable, so had to wait til this morning to catch it!) - I was away at a wedding at the weekend, took my clasp up to work on the challenge as we were staying with friends - and left it! Thankfully I had the other one on its way (how did I know?!) so I've just used that one, rather than special delivery it up from Glasgow. I'll have another one waiting for me when I go home to Edinburgh for Christmas! Thanks so much Jo, I've really enjoyed your first challenge :-)

  3. Jo, I really like your necklace it is pretty with the brown silk, but I agree the blue would make the all of the brown tones pop.

  4. Love it, it's beautiful! Thank you for this challenge, I've really enjoyed it!

  5. Jo - I love what you did here! And I love the leaf clasps! Thanks again for including me in the challenge@

  6. LOVE your piece! thanks so much for this challenge!! i am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for mine to arrive from across the pond! :)


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