Tuesday 22 November 2011

Where to start?

Trying to figure out where to start can stop me from getting back into blogging after an expected break. So much happens in just a few days in our household that it can just be overwhelming when I try to write anything about it! Maybe I'll just leave it as that - I've been a bit overwhelmed over the last week or so. My plan after the last operation a couple of weeks ago was to take the weekend to recover (mainly by staying in bed and sleeping while T looked after Jamie and Ben had fun with Grandma and Grandad!) and then get back into the swing of things the next week - general family and household stuff, teaching at college Tuesday night, private tuition Wednesday, orders to complete, last minute arrangements for charity Christmas Shopping evening on the Friday (forgot to tell you about that - doh!) etc etc. I was doing fine - and then Jamie got hand foot and mouth with a nasty rash and very very sleepless nights. Poor love! The virus is doing the rounds at the moment because of the mild weather we've been having. He's absolutely fine now, but we had three nights when I took him downstairs to try and get him back to sleep so that T could sleep and function at work the next day. I don't do well on only a couple of hours sleep a night, so something had to give so that I could concentrate on the urgent things - and that was the blog for a couple of weeks, sorry!

Anyway, the whole family is currently bug free - a rare miracle in the winter months, so I'm back! The Christmas Shopping evening was fab, by the way. We raised a few pennies under £280 for the Wessex Cancer Trust, the turnout was fantastic and the rooms are booked again for next year - and next year I willl blog about it before it happens!!

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  1. Jo, Life has a way of hitting us in the back of the head when we least expect it. So glad to hear all is well now and that you had a successful fund raiser.


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