Sunday 1 April 2012

All ready!

All the photos are edited, all the descriptions are written, and the new products are listed! Well, some of them anyway - there are more coming tomorrow. There's a mix of new made-to-order pieces and some limited editions. I'm particularly pleased with the ones below.....

Lovebird hook clasps, each with a different hammered pattern. The middle one is my favourite with it's dotty pattern! They've been curved to bring them to life more, and hooks and loops have been soldered underneath. These are in the Limited Edition section as I'll probably make more but they'll all be different.

I've been working on these made-to-order designs a while, and I'm so pleased with how they've turned out! These paisley designs come in three different embossed patterns, and with your choice of a drilled hole top and bottom or just one at the top. As you can see from the photos, the embossing gives the paisleys are lovely depth, giving a different pattern on each side. Although the embossing makes the shapes strong they can be bent either by hand or with nylon jaw pliers, like I've done for the pendant below, based on Heather Power's Berries and Leaves pendant on the ABS blog.

All of these and more can be found here -


  1. Beautiful! Love the paisley designs!

  2. Well, hello there little birdies! I'm looking forward to welcoming you to Manchester :-)


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