Friday 13 April 2012

Flap Your Wings - getting ready

If you read this post then you'll remember that Judy Glende lost her battle with cancer last month despite fighting with all the strength that she had. The "Flap Your Wings" challenge was set up by Tania of Moobie Grace Designs as a tribute to Judy, and the day to reveal what we all made is tomorrow. And after taking my design apart three times as it just wasn't right, it is finally finished! You'll obviously have to wait until tomorrow to see it, but I thought you might like a quick preview.....

We've just come back from spending a couple of days with T's Mum up in the Midlands. I'd more or less decided what I wanted to use in my design a couple of weeks ago but hadn't worked out quite how to put them all together, so I decided to take it all with me. Now, you have to remember that I'm used to being able to get a different box of beads out if the ones I've got on the workdesk are quite right, or being able to solder and hammer to make new findings and clasps, but all I could take with me was what you can see above, plus some silk ribbon and a secret ingredient that you'll see tomorrow, so it definitely was a challenge! My own mini bead soup!

Most of the people taking part in the challenge are donating their pieces to charity, either selling them on etsy or auctioning them off. I've decided to go down the auction route, so tomorrow I'll let you know the details of how that's going to work. I'm donating the money raised to the Wessex Cancer Trust, a wonderful charity who are based locally but do fantastic work all along the south coast here in the UK. They support cancer patients and their families wonderfully, including me and my family when I was fighting cancer last year.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your design Jo. I am going to auction mine off too. x x x

  2. Look forward to seeing your final design especially since I see my beadie in there. I spent the day working on the Leukemia fund raiser here for my darling brother.

  3. Can't wait to see the reveal - you've got a great mix there ...


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