Sunday 22 April 2012

Well, that was quick!

This whole week has flown by, but that's probably because I managed to fit a lot into it! Let's start at the beginning, shall we... birthday! Yet again I didn't blog on my birthday. It seemed a little too attention seeking and despite teaching, chatting to customers and having a blog etc I am actually quite shy, honest! As it was a school day most of my birthday was pretty normal, although T and the boys had got me pain au chocolate for breakfast (my favourite!) and gave me time to eat it, and I got greeted with lots of "Happy Birthdays" down at the school gates - I'd completely forgotten that my birth date is on my Facebook profile! We did go out for tea with my parents, which was lovely, and I gave myself the day off from doing housework - which meant I had double to do on Tuesday, but never mind, I had a lovely hour and a half sitting knitting and relaxing while Jamie had his afternoon nap! Most of my birthday presents were money towards a Kindle, but I did have a couple of lovely parcels to open....

an absolutely gorgeous journal from my friend Katie. She found it on etsy ( and I LOVE it! Every page is different, with spaces for photos, for journalling and tags to jot memories on.

and a pair of sweet earrings from Rebecca - who also had her birthday on Monday! I've been wearing them all week, and they've had lots of compliments. They are, of course, in turquoise and red :)

Tuesday...catching up with housework, music bugs with Jamie (which he mainly spent crawling around the room, emptying the basket of musical instruments and bouncing up and down on his bottom - his version of dancing!) and then an evening of organising our new tools cupboard at college. I know it's sad but I've been so looking forward to getting this cupboard! Up until now we had boxes scattered in different cupboards in two different rooms, neither of which are the room I teach in. Now everything is in the same place, we've had a good clear out of broken bits and pieces and some lovely new tools are on their way too!

Wednesday...I spent the morning doing something I haven't done for years - I taught Geography! Ben's school had a Geography week and asked if any of the parents had any Geographical knowledge they could share, talk to the children about Geography based jobs etc. They based some of the week on the water cycle, so I spent the morning going into classes helping them to set up a "water cycle in a box", and teaching them about it. Lots of fun, but no, I'm not going back into mainstream teaching - I love what I do now too much. The afternoon was spent on etsy orders as was most of...

Thursday....but I spent the morning with my gorgeous friend Anna, touring the gargage that she and her husband Syd have turned into an amazing studio for metal work and lampworking. It's a bit smaller than my workshed, but they've fitted so much in there and there's so much beautiful colour! It really is filled with colour and looks like a fantastic place to create. Thursday was, of course, also the last day of my Flap Your Wings bracelet auction - thank you so much again if you bid/left a comment/helped to spread the word on Facebook!

Which leaves Friday (housework, food shopping), Saturday (gallery order in the morning, lego with Ben and his homework in the afternoon) and today (trying to get Jamie to take a few steps on his own, cooking chilli, more lego), and then it all starts again tomorrow....without my birthday of course :)

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