Thursday 25 July 2013

An Inspired Photoshoot

Yesterday morning was a busy one. The photo studio was finally set up, more storage put up on the walls and some canvases put up too - I'm going to use these to display some of my latest designs as we get quite a few visitors to the Sorting Office so I want to be able to easily show off my work when they ask what kind of jewellery I make! I've got a few more things I want to get sorted and then I'll give you a proper studio tour.
Working hard - and look at that beautiful natural light streaming in through the windows!
As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Nicky came over to work for me, something she does regularly now. The job I needed her help with yesterday was a photoshoot. I've had a project accepted by Art Jewelry Magazine (so excited about this - but I'm going to have to wait a while before I can show you what the project is!) and many of the photos needed were action shots so I needed an extra pair of hands to take the photos for me.
Can't remember what the joke was now - but it was funny!

Now that's a more professional shot
Nicky also took a few photos of me for the "About" page on here and on my website - although I didn't always realise that she had the camera snapping away! She did get caught on camera herself though :)

The wonderfully helpful Nicky
I've mentioned Nicky on here a few times before, but I don't think I've actually explained why or what she does. I've reached the stage in my business where I need someone to help me out with the non-jewellery making side of things but I can't yet afford to take someone on as an employee, even part-time - yet! Nicky bridges that gap as the whole purpose of her business is to support businesses like mine. It's thanks to Nicky that the products went up on my new website so quickly and efficiently, and thanks to her help that I am more organised now than I've ever been before. She's also updated the website and blog to the new business name for me - my Facebook page is next. Sometimes, as yesterday, Nicky comes to my studio to work and sometimes she works remotely - the wonders of technology! I can buy in her time as I need it, and her help is allowing me to grow my business - hopefully to the extent that I can afford to take on a part-time employee. Nicky's website is here - Inspired Business Support - and I most definitely recommend her - as if you hadn't guessed that already!

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