Tuesday 9 July 2013

Ready to go!

It's been a busy few days, but my new studio is ready for my first student tomorrow morning! I'm actually teaching in there Thursday, Saturday and Sunday as well but Julie is my first student tomorrow. We've got stone setting planned!

A quick reminder of what the studio looked like at the start and end of Saturday...

And this is how I left it on Sunday...

And this is what it looks like now!

Tables are up, the soldering station is set up in the corner, the tools are set up on my desk which is also where students will work. I've gone back to using clamp-on bench pegs as the desk is a bit more flexible then. I can just have one out when it's just me and move things about a bit for visitors. The bookcase (on the wall opposite the window) hasn't changed much yet, the photo studio isn't set up yet and the drawers under the desks aren't how I want them yet, but that will come. And so will more shelves on the walls, and finishing touches like a notice board and pictures. I'll get there!


  1. Wish you a lot of joy with your first teaching session in the new studio! It looks great!
    xoxo, Michi

  2. Thank you Michi! It went very well - Julie made a lovely stone set bangle that I shall show you all later this evening.


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