Monday 19 January 2009

A bit carried away, do you think?

These are the fruits of my knitting so far - 2 and a half pairs of gloves! The plum coloured pair are mine, the other pairs are for friends. I expect I'll get the green pair finished in a couple of evenings. The blue line that you can just about see on the green glove is where I need to add in the thumb. I have made a change to the pattern for the green pair though, as the ruffled casting-off that the pattern suggested is pretty but I think I prefer the tops of the gloves held a bit tighter, so I've just cast-off normally. I've already bought the yarn for my next project - a hat this time with a lacy pattern. It'll be my first time knitting a pattern by following a chart - I must be mad! It's from the Knitty website again. I don't usually wear hats but this is my first winter with short hair and I've decided that I need one! Oh, and my other knitting project was a scarf for B's Baby Teddy, the teddy that he absolutely has to have at night. Apparently Baby Teddy (or BT to his friends) particularly requested a red scarf, and now wants a hat to match!

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  1. It's a good pattern - I've made several pairs of fetching myself. I love the colours, very vibrant!


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