Saturday, 18 February 2012

Family time

I have felt completely disorientated over the last few days, not knowing which day of the week it was! It's been halfterm holiday so Ben has been at home and T has been too now that he's back teaching in a school again. We've had a great family time for most of the days, although the boys went to their childminder as usual on Wednesday and Thursday (and only the reminders on my phone made sure that I got the right days!) so that I could catch up on some work and T could do some marking and preparation.

The week started with a visit from T's brother and his two children. Their Mum couldn't get the time off work, but we still had lots of fun - trips to the Royal Marine museum where they had to follow clues to stop baddies from setting bombs (!), swimming at Romsey Rapids with lots of slides down the flume (not for Jamie though - he and I paddled and splashed in in the toddler pool with a a pirate ship slide to play on), trips to the park and lots and lots of giggles. The children get on brilliantly. Tom is only 7 months older than Ben, and Katie is nearly 4, and they played fantastically together, rarely a cross word, and Jamie absolutely loved all the attention.

Yesterday we had another trip to the park with friends, to Royal Victoria Country Park which I love and we don't go to often enough - another treasure hunt but this time to find Duncan the Donkey's carrots which all the other animals had hidden rather than to find baddie bombers, and then tea at Pizza Hut. Tomorrow we're meeting up with my parents and my brother for a family meal as Mum's birthday was last week and my brother's is next week, and then it's back to school with PE kit washed, homework done, uniform ironed and shoes polished - and I can have a break!!

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