Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothering Sunday!

I hope that all of you mothers had a lovely day today! I had a lie-in reading my new chick-lit book and then T and B brought me breakfast in bed, a box of malteasers and a card that B had made for me - bliss! While I was having my lie-in T was teaching B to say 'cheese' when he has his photo taken - above is one of the couple of dozen photos he took! We spent the morning at Longdown Activity Farm feeding the animals and stroking the rabbits and chicks. B loves it there and I've bought a season ticket again this year so we can go whenever we like.

B fell asleep in the car when we were about 5 minutes away from home and I managed to move him into his cot without him waking so I managed to get a couple of hours this afternoon to make up some of the ideas I've had floating around and to catch up with some photos. I made quite a few pairs of hoop earrings but I'm not happy with the photos of them yet, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for them!

I did manage to photograph some of the silver art clay work I made before I had that horrible cold, so that's what you can see here. The first pendant is my favourite. I did think about oxidising it at first, but I think that the pearls show up better without it. The second pendant and the earrings use the silver art clay pieces that I made on my course with Hilary Bowen. It took me a while to decide how to use them as the idea I had in mind at the course didn't look right when I got home.


  1. Happy belated Mummys day!!

    Gorgeous pics of the children -and the jewellery is perfect - I love that first pendant!!

  2. Ooh those pendants!! They don't look like art clay at all ... I love the textures!


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