Tuesday 26 February 2008

website headaches nearly over - I hope!

Still no new jewellery photos to show you, sorry! I've been busy trying to sort my website out, but I'm going to use what ever sunlight we get tomorrow to take some photos, promise!

My website has been giving me headaches for a while. On the advice of my first webhosting company I had bought a template using zen cart software (free fantastic ecommerce software) and for months I've been getting frustrated that no matter how many times I followed the instructions in zen cart's online help forum certain functions just wouldn't work e.g. changing the size of the pictures so that they were clearer, adding text to the front page (new workshop date added, last posting date for Christmas, don't forget Mother's Day, that kind of thing). At about 1am the other morning I finally found out that it wasnt' me, it was the template all along! Apparently the people who designed the template I bought over-rode alot of important programming so that although their templates look pretty the can't be personalised properly and alot of the 'behind the scenes' functions no longer work. The template company (who aren't anything to do with the people who wrote the zen cart software itself) sell alot of templates, so there are alot of frustrated people ranting about them on the zen cart forum! So, I have now downloaded the free zen cart software and a couple of other bits and pieces and I'm part way through setting up a new improved website that will hopefully do everything I want it to! Big thanks go to Hannah (Kutuu) who reassured me that yes, I can do this!

Anyway, my eyes are turning square with all the time I've spent in front of the computer this evening, so I'm now off to bed!

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