Monday 19 May 2008

A busy weekend - again!

Where on earth did yesterday go? I know exactly where Saturday went (my feet are still reminding me!) but yesterday went by in a bit of a blur. We did some work on the shed (on schedule to be in by the end of the month!) and some cleaning and tidying, but otherwise I think my brain was just recovering from Saturday. Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy craft shows (of course I do! I get to talk about beads and silver!) but by the time it gets to half an hour before the end I just want to be able to click my fingers and for everything to pack itself up so that I can go home and rest feet!

Anyway, hello to those of you who came along and said hello on Saturday. I hope you had a good day on the tractor rides, the village fete, the helicopter rides etc etc! We had our quieter moments in the craft marquee but all in all it was a very good day, and as I said, I got to talk about beads and silver all day! I even managed to make a couple of pieces, but they need to be polished etc before I show them to you. Mum and Dad were looking after B and brought him along for a while. Dad took a lovely photo of me holding B behind my stall, and as soon as I can get a copy of it I will show you!

On a completely different topic, Contrariwise, a fantastic US jewellery designer, came and visited the list of Barcelona bead shops that I listed the other day and has posted a great google map of the shops on her blog - go and have a look!

And last but not least - I got an exciting parcel on Saturday - I'll tell you more tomorrow as I need my sleep now!


  1. Sounds like fun!!

    Now come on, do tell - what's the exciting parcel?!? (I can think of one thing it might be ... I wonder if I'm right?! Probably not!)

  2. Not long to wait now! I'm intrigued as to what your guess is!

  3. Well I'll tell you if I get it right!! :P


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