Friday 22 May 2009

Beads and Beyond

As I said on Wednesday, I've been busy writing magazine projects lately, and I've got more in the pipeline. It's a sideline to my business that I really enjoy as it combined my love of coming up with new ideas with my teaching skills. It's nice to know that these projects, my private tuition and workshops at home and my college class are putting the 5 years at university to good use, even if I'm not teaching anything to do with environmental science or geography!

I've been writing up projects up for Bead magazine and Beads and Beyond. I obviously can't show you what hasn't been published yet, but I can show you this. It's an online project that goes with the pieces I designed for the May issue of Bead and Beyond's Designer Challenge.
A couple of the other pieces I made for the challenge are in the photos here, and you can find the instructions for them in the May issue - you can still get back issues if you're quick. It definitely was a challenge as they weren't beads I would have chosen myself, but that's the point, isn't it? I did enjoy it, and I get lots of compliments about the necklace above every time I wear it, which is an added bonus! The May issue of the magazine was the first with a new look, and the first with Michelle Powell and Rebecca Hughes in charge, and I'm probably biased as I worked on Practical Crafts, one of Michelle's previous magazines, but I love the new look. The projects are beautifully presented.

I'll try and remember to show you the other projects when they come out, but look out for the next few issues of Bead magazine, and the summer issues of Beads and Beyond.

P.S. B wanted to join in the early morning photo shoot, so here he is still in his PJs and dressing gown! "I'll play with the trucks Mummy and you take a photo"!


  1. Ooooooo nice lariat, I like very much. This pic of Ben is geogeous, very handsome boy. Well done you with the articles, I am looking forward to more xxxx

  2. That lariat is great! Whenever I take photos of my jewellery, you'll see these random shots of my 18 month old little girl in between. And my cat :)


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