Tuesday 26 May 2009

Definitely readdicted to knitting!

When Helen was visiting in March we went to Winchester for the day and had a browse that turned into a bit of a spree in C&H Fabrics. I'd been knitted quite a few fairly quick projects (including 4 pairs of Fetching gloves!) so far since Christmas, and thought it was about time I got my teeth into a bigger project. I'd been avoiding them as I tend to get bored it things don't knit up quickly or hold my attention by having an interesting pattern or colour change! This pattern book caught my eye and I ended up buying the yarn to knit the waistcoat on the front cover. The back was really quick to knit, but I've lost count of the number of times I had to unpick the first section of pattern on the first front panel, and I'm certainly not going to tell you how much swearing there was when I had to unpick it because I'd picked up an extra stitch yet again!! The pattern may look fairly simple and straight forward, but that is only to give you false hope - I mean, does P1, P2tog, yon, Cr2R, P1, K2tog, yfrn, P1, K1, P1, yon, sl 1, K1, psso, P1, Cr2L, yfrn, P2tog tbl, P1 look like a straight forward pattern to you?! Actually, it wasn't too bad after the first pattern repeat, and I'm quite proud of myself for having got this far!

I've finally finished the left front and started the first few rows of the right hand side, so hopefully I'll be able to wear it in the next few weeks - that's assuming that I make myself sew it up before moving on to the next project. Sewing projects up is not my favourite part, which is why the maternity cardigan that I knitted while pregnant with B has never been worn! Next up - I've got my eye on this pattern in the same book, and I've also been eyeing up the wrap on the front of this crochet book that I bought myself for my birthday. My cousin's getting married in September, and I'd love to get it finished to wear to the wedding. I might need you to nag me to get it finished though!

By the way, I do like this site - www.knitsinthecity.co.uk - I found it this evening while looking for a picture of the waistcoat to show you. I like the way that they list everything that you need to complete a project. There's nothing worse than buying a pattern book and then realising that you haven't got all the needles, stitch holders etc that you need to get started!


  1. I used to knit when i was expecting the kids, i was okay at small things, but i could'nt have done a adults jumper, i would have sworn a few times also, but today i knitted a bracelet which is on my blog, have a look and tell me what you think?

  2. It's really lovely Eve. Beautiful colours!

  3. I love the crochet wrap that you are going to make. What colour? have you got the yarn yet? I'm still working on the scarf....Ive got till next winter to finish.Or maybe the one after that.....I'm good at starting things

  4. thank you everyone! I like the colour too :)
    Helen, I'm thinking of crocheting the wrap in the same colour as the one in the book. Going yarn shopping on Friday hopefully!

  5. Hi,

    My name is Christine Feery from www.knitsinthecity.co.uk. Thanks for the favourable comments. If you have any further ideas on how I can improve the site please let me know. Its great that people are actually viewing it.



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