Monday 21 December 2009

A lucky boy!

It was, as I said on Friday, B's birthday last Thursday. I know every Mum says this, and I know that I'll say this again when he starts 'big school' next September and on every birthday he ever has, but how on earth did my baby get so big? And where have the last four years gone?! Our lives have changed completely since he was born, especially as I was teaching full time when I was pregnant with him and now run my own business. I'm not even sure that I would be running Daisychain if it wasn't for the fact that we thought that it was a case of now or never when I went on maternity leave.

Anyway, B has been a very lucky boy over the last week and a bit, starting the Friday before his birthday. I said "never again" after having 13 children round (plus mothers and some younger babies) for his party last year, and this year we hired one of the party rooms at a local soft play centre and had a joint party with a friend of B's who is a week older - sooo much less stress, and because we'd clubbed together it was actually no more expensive than getting in the party food, party bags etc etc. I actually managed to sit down and have a chat with some friends!! Thursday was pretty low key as I'd managed to use up all my energy and was feeling grotty again (damn you flu! Why do you take so long to get over?!), but my family and some friends came over on Saturday for a bit of a party. And then Sunday I felt ill again from doing too much, which is why I didn't write this post yesterday!

B's favourite present was definitely this train set - it's fantastic, look, the track goes up and round in a spiral and there's a bridge and a crane and junctions and...... can you tell that having a train-mad son has rubbed off on me?! T took B down to the park for an hour or so before everyone arrived and I set the train track up and hid it under (several large) boxes. When my family (who clubbed together and gave it to him) arrived they hid too and when B came home they surprised him with it all.

I'm really pleased with where I bought it from. I don't usually link to other sites that aren't crafty ones, but you've got to go and have a look at all the wonderful wooden toys at Clementine Toys. A friend told me about all the train sets they've got (together with lots of other things) so of course I had to look. It turns out that they are just up the hill from me so I could even go and pick things up, and that makes them even handier for buying all the birthday presents that I need to get now that B's being invited to birthday parties!

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  1. he looks like he is having fun, daniel loved his trains, thomas was his fav, tomica world, he is 12 now i also wonder where the years have gone,x


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