Tuesday 1 December 2009

Tutorial Tuesday - Laura Sparling's lampwork tutorials

I've written about Laura Sparling's beads before. They truly are beautiful unique works of art, and the control that she has over that hot molten glass is just amazing!

Laura's been writing some tutorials recently, and she's put together some youtube videos as well, sharing her techniques and hints and tips. They are definitely worth watching, even if like me you don't make lampwork beads. My main reason for not learning how to make them is that I would be forever comparing myself to Laura and not being satisfied with what I could make. I'm sure Laura could bring me up to standard but I love working with the silver too much to take the time out to learn lampworking properly!

You can see Laura's latest tutorial on how to make her roly-poly beads (shown above) here
and following this link will take you to a list of all of her tutorials.

By the way, Laura teaches too! She offer many teaching sessions during the year, and they understandably get booked up quickly, but you can find info on them here. Enjoy!


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