Saturday 9 January 2010


Well, the snow has started to melt away from our garden! It has been a bit of a strange week - a lovely week in that we've played as a family in the snow and B has loved it! I would show you more photos than the one below, but every time I tried to get the camera out (and get my frozen fingers to work the buttons!) B and T would throw snow balls at me so this is the best I can do - B's friend from across the road had come over to play and his Mum and I had just run in doors to defrost. This shot was taken as the snowballs hit the kitchen door!

If you would like more picturesque photos of the snow, head over to Laura's blog - they had a lot more in Oxfordshire than we did in Southampton!

The strangeness of the week has been due to the fact that for the first three days of the Big Freeze no one could get out of our road safely to get to work as we live at the top of a steep hill that is a turning off a busy road that is, yes, you guessed it, another steep hill! The only place where it's flat round here is down at the river! The problems round here haven't been due to the snow - as I said, we haven't had nearly as much as even the villages just outside of Southampton - it's the ice that has been so dangerous. T and I have taken it in turns for much of the week to work while the other looks after B. Thankfully he can work from home for some of his job. Half the street turned out yesterday, though, to finally clear away the rest of the snow and ice, so things are starting to get back to normal now - whatever that is! B and T have gone out to play in the warmth of one of the many soft play centres round here, so I'm off out to the shed now to finish off the new designs I've been working on. I should be back later with some photos!

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