Monday 18 January 2010

Let's get the party started!

The Bead Soup Party is well under way!

Over 80 jewellery designers/lampwork artists/polymer clay artists signed up to Lori's virtual party in the end! My partner is Lynne, a lampworker who lives in Canada, such a beautiful part of the world. She's probably had a good giggle at the snow pictures I posted yesterday! Anyway, we had a few emails back and forth about colours, styles etc and there are now two parcels crossing the Atlantic. Lynne emailed me today to let me know that she'd posted a picture of the beads she's made me on her blog and I was going to be good and not peek - honest I was! The problem is that I got more and more emails during the day from others in the party saying that they'd posted pictures of their swaps and - yes, you've guessed it - I've just succumbed to temptation. Lynne has been so generous and made me some beautiful beads - just check out those amazing hollows and the black and ivory focal bead in particular - aren't they gorgeous?

So, of course, I've got to show you what I've sent as well now, haven't I? Lynne, if you don't want any spoilers, look away now.......

We were all asked to send our partners a focal bead, some spacer beads and a fancy (i.e. not just a trigger) clasp. Now, as you know, I use beads rather than make them, so I decided that instead of sending Lynne a gemstone focal or a lampwork bead made by someone else that I'd make her a silver focal or two....okay, or three - odd numbers always look so much better! I've made some leaves like this before but not for ages, and somehow it seemed appropriate to make leaves for a Canadian as when I think of Canada I think of snow, maples (and maple syrup, yum!) and moose. So, I've made a few improvements on the design I used a while back and made Lynne these:

And these are the rest of the goodies. It's a mix of smoky quartz, freshwater pearls, carnelian and an agate - although I can't remember which agate those large button beads at the front are, so if anyone know, please remind me!

There have been some amazing beads swapped - follow the link here or from the Bead Soup invite to see the list of artists taking part and go and have a look - and if you like what you see, make sure that you join in next time!


  1. That looks like a great package. I forgot to take a picture of what I sent. I might just check my files and see if, maybe, just maybe I did and forgot!

  2. Wow your partner is going to have a great time. I love all the colors.

  3. Oh so that's where the list of our blogs is... I never went back to that post after I signed up and forgot all about it!

    So how long do you think it will take our parcels to make it across the Atlantic?

    The leaves look great! I love Carnelian.. You probably would have got some from me if I hadn't done the hollows!

    I could post the picture of the agate on one of the bead sites and you would have 50 answers in 5 minutes.. some of which might even be right!


  4. What a beautiful package you have sent out, such lovely colours and the leaves are a real treat too.

  5. OMG another stunning selection! Are we lucky or what?!!!

  6. Those leaves are gorgeous - maybe you should start making them again!

    Have fun with your package. I got mind on Saturday and posted about it today:

  7. What a gorgeous mix of beads you sent out!!! These colors are right up my alley! :-)

  8. What a gorgeous set of beads! What fun!

  9. What a great idea, I am sorry I missed this. I will have to look out for it next time.

  10. This all sounds really interesting - can't wait to see what people have made.


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