Sunday 31 January 2010

More lovebirds

I had a new toy, or rather set of toys, arrive in the autumn - sets of letter stamps (both upper and lower case) and a set of numbers. I bought them from a US etsy seller, NextofKenn after hunting for a font that was a little bit different from the standard but still easy to read and not too fancy - I think that these were well worth the wait!

I didn't have the chance to do much with them before Christmas, but I've had the words "personalised? stamped? dates on back?" written next to my original sketch of my lovebird pendants for months, so last night I finally finished and uploaded my new and improved personalised Lovebird pendants to my website and to my noths store!

I've combined the original separate silver and gold lovebird listings into one to make life a bit easier to everyone, and you can choose whether or not to have any personalisation, and what wording you would like. There is room for approximately 8 characters.

And, while I was on a roll, I've also made matching Lovebird earrings! I am so pleased with these. I don't usually wear long earrings any more, I got out of the habit when B was a baby, but I've been wearing a pair of these since I gave them their final polish and I love them! They are so comfortable! I've got a pair with sterling silver wings coming shortly too.

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