Wednesday 13 January 2010

Daisy Daisy

I've been very snug working away in my shed this week, despite the snow and ice! I've been cutting and soldering lots of lovebirds and bangles for orders, but I've also been able to finish some new designs - so, introducing the Baby Daisy cuff and the Full Bloom necklace!

The cuff is made of smaller daisies than the Daisy cuff, but is formed in the same way - pierced (hand sawn) from sterling silver sheet, lots of filing and sanding and then shaping around a mandrel. This is actually an older design that I've improved - I wasn't quite happy with how it sat before, but I'm really pleased with it now.

And I am delighted with how the necklace turned out. I actually started work on this before Christmas, but I didn't have time to pick it back up again until this week. It's one of those rare designs that worked perfectly from sketch to polishing. The chain is attached to either end of the daisy, and the clasp is hidden behind the flower itself. It sits beautifully, and I've got another one part made that is going to be for me as I like it so much! I haven't decided what stone to put in the middle of mine though, but the fun part is sorting through my slowly growing cabachon collection! The only reason the collection is slowly growing is that I keep using them!

The new designs are part of my Bloom Collection and a big THANK YOU to those of you who bought a piece from this collection in the run up to Christmas as I donated 10% of the sales to the Wessex Cancer Trust, a charity that provides vital support to cancer patients and their familes. I am delighted that £25 was raised for the Trust, and I have decided that 10% of all sales of the Bloom Collection will go to the Trust from now on. Why Wessex Cancer Trust? I know that there are many many worthwhile charities out there who need our support, but the Trust was a great help to a colleague of mine and his family, and I have seen the fantastic, often heart breaking work that the staff and volunteers at the Trust do. To find out more about their work visit!


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