Monday 12 April 2010

Picture Weekend

It seemed like a three-day weekend this week as T had all but the last part of this afternoon off - we managed to fit a lot in!

Building super-dooper train tracks - of course!
Some of this is the train track that B got for his birthday last December. Each time we make a track (virtually every day!) we think it's the best ever, but we seem to surpass ourselves the next time!

Painting the garden fence - no it wasn't child labour! B said he wanted to help, but the photo really shows as far as he got before he asked Daddy (who was clearing out the shed) to help him change his painty clothes so he could play with this....

....while I finished the job!
(well, finished that section of fencing, anyway. You can see the trickest bit of what's left behind B. Think we might have to take the panels out to be able to paint them)

Not too bad for an afternoon's work!

Today we went here for a picnic and a runabout.....

Royal Victoria Country Park, in Netley Abbey just outside Southampton.
We are really lucky to have so many beautiful areas to visit so close to home!
(the photo, by the way is from here)

Shells collected from the beach

Warm enough for sandals - but I was pleased that I took my warm cardigan!

We ended the trip with and ice cream and the bouncy castle - but not at the same time obviously!

Tomorrow we get back to a bit of normality as B's childminder is back from her holiday and so I can work during the day without asking Mum and T to help out! I've been working in the evenings, but I've got a lot of hammering saved up to do tomorrow as I don't like to disturb the neighbours with that in the evening.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and that it was sunny where you were! (be warned - it won't be sunny at the end of this week as it's my birthday - it has been known to snow on my birthday!)

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