Friday 30 April 2010

Maintenance time!

While B and a friend were playing the garden this afternoon I sat out on the decking watching them (and playing referee every now and then as you have to do with four year olds) and wire wooled and oiled my bangle mandrels, disc cutters and doming block and punches. It's not exactly a clean job, but it's an essential one, especially as my workshed is, well, a shed and can get a bit damp at times. I use olive oil rather than three-in-one oil or anything more technical like that. I know that there sometimes a fair bit of, shall we say, heated discussion about what you should use for the job, but I've been using olive oil for a couple of years now on these tools and it does the job well - and it also helps my very dry hands!

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  1. What nice clean tools. I'm going to clean out my shed - and it really is a shed, shed soon and you've inspired me to clean up my tools that have suffered after a winter of dampness.


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