Monday 26 April 2010

Picture Weekend

T's mum and step-dad have been visiting us this weekend, much to B's excitement! They went home this lunch time for a rest after being run ragged around the park and along Southsea beach. I was teaching on Sunday morning so they and T went down to Southsea and I joined them after lunch - we hadn't taken them there before and I'd forgotten just how much there is to do down there, especially for children.

We went to Gunwharf Quays for tea and watched the ferries and boats sail in and out of Portsmouth Harbour. It reminded me of coming home on the ferry after childhood summer holidays camping in France.

Of course I had to take the obligatory photo of B sitting on one of the cannons!

We still haven't been up the Spinnaker Tower - something for next time we have visitors!

And look what I finished!!
I am really pleased with how my Petrie has turned out. The yarn (Rowan Purelife Organic wool) was lovely to knit with.
Now, I just need to meet my other knitting targets and then I can spend my birthday vouchers on new yarn and cast on a new project - or two!


  1. I like the look of that knitting. I could be tempted to try again.

  2. Beautiful pictures Jo, and I love your top it is fab.


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