Saturday 24 April 2010

Work in progress

While chatting with my friend Helen last week (on the phone unfortunately as she still lives miles away up North - how's the house hunting in Reading going Hellie?!) we started talking about the Tutorial Tuesday post I did the other week listing just a few of the projects that are on my 'must-do' list - and then we started talking about all the projects that we both have to finish! We are both as bad as each other - Hellie had a complicated cross-stitch project while we were at uni that she only finished last year (we graduated in 1996) and I've got more than one knitting project that I have now decided to frog (rip out for those non-knitters amongst you) that I started either whilst pregnant with B or while he was a baby. The only one that I'm not going to frog is a maternity cardigan that just needs sewing together in the hope that I may be able to wear it one day!

Ignoring the projects that need ripping out, these are the four that I still need to finish - I thought that if I posted them here then it might shame me into finishing them, especially as a couple are so close to being finished anyway!

1. is a lovely top from Knitty - if you haven't been to this online magazine yet, you really must. Knitty is responsible for speeding up my re-addiction to knitting last year. I was searching for a free pattern for fingerless gloves, found Knitty and the rest is history! This pattern is called Petrie. I started knitting it on the way up to T's Mum's on Good Friday and cast off the back literally as we pulled up outside our house on our return. Not bad going! I'm halfway up the arm holes on the front, so I'm hoping to have it completed by the end of this weekend as there's not much seing up to do.

2. is this crocheted wrap - if you go and have a look at that post and compare the photos you'll see that I haven't done any more to this since October! My excuse is that it's a pattern that I really have to concentrate on so I can't do it in front of the television or in the car, which are my usual opportunities for knitting and crochet.

3. is my Chevron Tunic. I've finished the back since showing it to you at the end of March, but I haven't cast on the front yet. It's a relatively easy pattern to knit, but it takes a while.

4. is my guiltiest secret! I started this a year ago and it's been in this state since last summer! All I need to do is to knit the rib cuffs on the arms holes and the edges of the front pocket - but I keep putting it off as it means picking up and knitting several hundred stitches!

The thing is that there are, as you know, other projects that I really want to knit, and also I've just been given vouchers for John Lewis and Knits in the City for my birthday, and there are so many gorgeous yarns I could spend them on!! So, I've promised myself that I must finish Petrie and the blue long tunic and restart (ie work out where on earth I got up to in the pattern) the crochet wrap before I can buy more yarn or cast on a new project! Hopefully telling you lot will make me keep my resolution - what so you think? Can I resist temptation?!

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  1. Oh no...I've just had a look at knitty and there's loads I want to have a go at! But I really should finish the top I started about 3 years ago and the crochet poncho which I started in Feb but have only done 3 blocks.

    Knitting in the car. Hmmm now that's a good idea. Prob not if I'm driving though ;o)

    You gotta finish Petrie. Looks fab.


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