Monday 25 October 2010


Pregnancy + catching the horrible cold that's been doing the rounds for the last couple of weeks = not being able to take any medication + sleeping even less well than usual

all of the above = very grouchy Jo (sorry family!)

thankfully fantastic family = Mum and Dad helping out with B for a couple of days while T has to work and I can try and fight the bug off!

Normal service should be resumed soon!


  1. Sorry you are feeling rubbish, the cold bug has made it north and Eliza is full of sniffles. Hope you are feeling better very soon. x

  2. Hi Jo, sorry to hear the cold got worse.. have to snuggle up and rest up.. hope you feel better soon. I can recommend real hot lemon made with slices of lemons in hot water for your cold.. ;)

  3. I know loads of people with a cold at the moment, so sorry you have it - hope you're better soon! Stay warm.

  4. Hope you're feeling better Jo - if it's the same thing I have had, it's an absolute beast! Get well soon x


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