Friday, 1 October 2010

Off to Artisan!

Just a quick post as I'm leaving to travel up to Artisan in about an hour - all the tools and materials I need to demonstrate my ebony necklace project that you can see on this post are safely packed - I hope! At least if it does turn out that I've forgotten something then I'll be able to buy it when I get there. All those lovely semiprecious and lampwork beads in one place! I know I'm going up there to work but it really feels as though I'm going away on a girly weekend! I doubt I'll have time to blog while I'm there but I'll take lots of photos and fill you in when I get back.

My plans yesterday involved going to visit a family friend who's just moved to Southampton in the morning and editing photos and uploading new designs until the school run in the afternoon. My car, however, had different plans! I decided to call in at the local garden centre to buy a plant for my friend, and the car wouldn't start when I got back out again. We've been away that the battery would need changing at some point in the next 6 months or so as the car is 8 years old and it's the original battery, and as it was misty and cold yesterday morning I assumed that that was the problem. So I had an hour's wait until the recovery man came out and charged the battery and I then went up to Halfords for a new one. I don't want to risk it happening again, especially on the way up to Leamington Spa today, when I'm pregnant. Mind you, I could have broken down in a much worse place - Hobbycraft is right next door to the garden centre and somehow I ended up buying some more yarn for another Christmas present! Don't know how that happened!

I managed to edit my photos but haven't had time to upload the new pieces to the website yet, so I'll show those to you as soon as I get back!

If you make it to Artisan do come and say hello! I'll be the one wearing the extra large Beads and Beyond apron to go over the bump, hammering and soldering at the stand on Saturday!

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  1. Artisan sounds like SO much fun!!! I wish I lived closer and could make it!! I would love to see your demo. Have a fantastic time,and please say hi to my friend Kerry Bogert for me! I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with her...and now she's in the UK!


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