Monday 11 October 2010

A sunny weekend in October?!

We've had such a beautifully sunny few days! At this time of year if we have any sunny days they're usually fairly chilly, but it has been absolutely gorgeous, so gorgeous, infact, that we had a barbeque on Saturday and picnic on the coast yesterday! T's mum and step-dad were visiting for the weekend so we swap the usual household chores, DIY, trips to the park and the swimming pool for trips out, including a trip to take B for his first climbing session. Yes, B's comments about the beads that I bought at Artisan made T realise that he'd better start his son's official outdoor education as soon as possible! It was great seeing him listening so carefully to his Daddy's instructions and taking his first holds on the wall. He's far more trusting than I was when T taught me to climb. And of course, proud Mummy took lots of photos, but don't worry, I'm only going to inflict a few on you!

Checking the harness

Getting started

Going up!

Up high!

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