Wednesday 25 January 2012


First on my list today was some organising - a few jobs that didn't actually take that long, that I've been meaning to do for ages and will save me time now that I've actually done them! The one that's going to save the most time was finally organising the index cards that I write out the "recipes" for the clasps and pieces of jewellery, such as my Golden Collection, that I make to order. Although each piece turns out slightly differently as, afterall, they are handcrafted, the recipes help to make sure that they are made in the same way. However, the cards have been just bunged into the box for the last couple of years so that I've had to search through them each time - such a silly waste of time! I don't know why I'd put off organising it for so long, as it only took me 30 minutes! Tidying up the table it's sitting on is a constant job though......

And the rest of the day was spent on etsy orders. Something else that I've been doing to be more efficient is getting a supply of customs labels from my local friendly post office so that I can fill them in at home while I'm wrapping up the parcels rather than hold the queue up and fill them in at the counter.


  1. I had to go with getting a stack of custom forms and taking them home too...massive time saver :)

  2. I have a similar organization process only it's in a binder with tabs so they stay where they belong! Except I don't know what happens when I run out of pages...yikes!

  3. Jo, you are my role model! :-) Look at you - so super organized!! You sound like me - putting this off only to find that the whole project didn't take that long after all. I am the procrastination Queen. But I'm working on it....(later). :-)


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